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Bankruptcy Search Result - Keputusan Carian Kebankrapan

Keyogen can provide carian bankruptcy. 

Check status bankruptcy of individual - provide name and Ic 

Check status bankruptcy of company - provide company name and SSM registration number

Search results KCR will be email to buyer. Latest email address must provide to us. 

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If life can be like a dandelion, then all the obstacles or difficulty can be turned over easily.  If the heart is as strong as a dandelion, beautiful flowers can bloom, be it on plateau or flatland, in hot summer or cold winter. The Dandelion founder Ms Chiara Lim and the lead singer Ms Anjyl Lim carefully cultivate students with the willingness to spread the music to the world.  On the stage, every note played by Dandelion is full of blessings to the world, constantly spreading with the wind. This wonderful vision has turned upside down as Ms Anjyl Lim was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  From the initial helplessness to actively seeking for treatment, Ms Lim reversed her life with the power of music and created a miracle. This is a full record of Dandelion’s musical journey.  This is a book full of the spirit of "never giving up".  Ms Anjyl Lim writes down the story of music, life, affection, friendship, Dandelion and the tenacious struggle between sick bed and the stage, the ideal and the reality after suffering from cancer. When music and life are combined, the dandelion that flies in the sky tells us a truth: If life is in desperate situation, just flip it over and you will see the hope! 生命若能像蒲公英一樣御風飛揚,遇到任何的阻隔、險難,都能翻轉過去;願心若能像蒲公英一樣堅韌勇敢,所到之處無論是高原平地、冷熱寒暑,也能開出漫天燦爛的花朵。 蒲公英合唱團創團人林穎茜與主唱林穎芷兩姐妹,懷著把音樂散佈到全世界的願心,細心培植一株株的蒲公英。在舞台上,蒲公英彈唱的每一個音符,都飽含對人間的祝福,隨風飄散,不斷衍繁下去。 這樣的美好願景,隨著林穎芷被診斷患上末期癌症而有了天翻地覆的轉變。從最初的彷徨無助,到後來積極尋求治療,並且以音樂的力量翻轉生命,創造出逆風而行的奇跡。 這是一本蒲公英合唱團的全記錄,記載著最初的播種,到全然盛開的音樂旅程;這是一本「永不放棄」的生命之書,小林老師在患癌之後,首次親筆提寫對音樂、生命、親情、友誼以及合唱團的愛,在病榻與舞台、理想與現實之間的頑強奮斗。 當音樂與生命結合一起,遨翔萬里的蒲公英告訴我們一個道理:人生若到絕境之處,只要翻轉過去便有希望! 价格:RM38 ( 附CD )