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This item is made in Japan, Biore Japan is with No 1 sales volumn in sunblock item.

Japan's new upgrade sunscreen,designed for a long time under the sun, outdoor recreation, sports design. 

can use for Face and Body.confidently face the sun with this long lasting, non sticky sunblock that leaves a smooth and light powdery feeling.


Japan's new UV light through isolation soft pink (10¯⁹m Ultra fine), can be uniformly distributed on the skin surface, UV absorption energy big, upgrade defense effect.

Apply skin from start to feel a sense of ultra-smooth and refreshing, good good coating uniformity, highly transparent skin has a natural sense, no white residue.

SPF50 + UV-B can really isolate keratin stimulate the metabolic rate and loss of water, avoid skin drying red, sunburn.

PA +++ blocking UV-A black reaction caused by skin aging, maintain the original elastic tension.

Waterproof and sweat resistant .

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